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Prime Cuts!

Terry is a wealth of musical knowledge. I always learn something new from listening...A+ Podcast.

Prime Indeed

T-bone knows more about music than just about anyone. Regardless of the style, if it’s good, he is knowledgeable and passionate. He’s also a great interviewer and a great dude. Give it a listen.

The Music Man is Back!

I first learned of Terry on his “Prime Cuts” show. So glad that he’s back in this new format. His knowledge of rock music is unparalleled. He’s a super smart host who takes you on a musical journey each episode. I’ve learned so much from his shows and you will too!

T-Bone Rocks !

T-Bone is a wealth of musical knowledge. He’s interesting and fun to listen to. I highly recommend this podcast!

T-Bones Prime Cuts On The Other Side

Great interview enthusiasm and knowledge on both sides. W Baryo


Thanks for getting this podcast up and running, great listening, well done!

Great start!

Only has one episode out right now, but such a smooth voice and easy listening between T-Bone and Steve Hunter. Looking forward to many great conversations to come!

Love this new podcast!

It was fun to listen to Steve Hunter speak about how he got involved in music (a bit unexpectedly!) I like listening to stories like these - it’s real life stuff.

Congratulations on the new show!!!!

If you want a podcast that will dive into a stellar background, this is your ticket! T has the musical background to give you a treat you didn’t know you needed!!! First episode is amazing and I can’t wait for the next! ✌🏻& ❤️ TA.

Great interview

Terry does a great job at making his guest feel comfortable. Looking forward to future episodes. Bets of luck Terry!!

His musical knowledge is what sets him apart!

If you want to listen to an interesting person asking interesting questions and getting interesting answers... this is the podcast for you. T-Bone’s musical knowledge comes through and you can tell his guests pick up on that. That leads them to answers they wouldn’t normally give.

Great New Podcast

Just one episode in but already off to a great start. You feel like you are just listening to friends catching up. The hour went by fast! Looking forward to more.